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Finance Department

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Engineering Department

Letter of Acceptance to Indian Port Rail & Ropeway Corporation Ltd (IPRCL) for Detailed Architectural, Engineering and PMC for Modernization and Upgradation of Chennai Fishing Harbour.
Work order to Indian Port Rail & Ropeway Corporation Ltd (IPRCL)
Detailed Engineering for Connectivity of O-Yard Road and Spending Beach Road near BD II backup area at Chennai Port - Letter of Acceptance/Work order
Valuation of NIOT Building located at South of AO Canteen at Timber Pond and Boat Basin area inisde Chennai Port Premises - Letter of Award
LOA issued to NTCPWC - Technical Study/Assistance for Strengthening & Upgradation of JD entrance walls at Chennai Port
Carrying out of Electrical Safety Audit at BD-I and BD-III at oil Jetty of Chennai Port Trust
LOA issued to NTCPWC- IIT-M on Nomination basis for Appointment of Independent Third Party Monitor for Certifying /ratifying Utilization & completion Certificate for the completed Sagarmala Project
LOA issued to NTCPWC- IIT-M for Conducting a study on Reuse of Dredged Material at Chennai Port
LOA issued to NTCPWC- IIT-M for Technical Audit to structures at Oil Jetties 26B(BDI),27B(BDIII), Allied Buildings, Structures
Superimposing of Development/Improvement of 7 Infrastructure facilities - Issue of Letter of Award
Contract for Providing toilets & bath rooms at C&D Coy of CISF Barracks and Improvement Works at EME-I Office
Threat of COVID-19 - Renovation of EDLB Building (Gr.Floor) at Rajaji Salai on Nomination Basis for Quarantine Facility
LOA issued to DCI on nomination basis for Capital Dredging
Work Order-Simulation study for evaluating the effect of passing vessels berthed at Coastal Berth
Work Order-Testing of Extracted concrete core samples
Work Order-Technical Study on Maximum depth that can be dredged
Work Order-Contract for Capital Dredging alongside JD4,6 & JD west berths

Materials Management Division

Marine Department

Medical Department

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